The relationship between science and technology


Scientific research, innovation and innovation each represent a together larger category of tasks which are very synergistic however distinctive. Science contributes to innovation in at the very least 6 methods: (1) new expertise which functions as a straight source of concepts for brand-new technological possibilities; (2) source of devices as well as strategies for extra efficient engineering style and also a data base for evaluation of expediency of layouts; (3) research instrumentation, laboratory techniques as well as analytical approaches used in research study that at some point find their means into design or commercial methods, frequently through intermediate techniques; (4) technique of research study as a resource for advancement as well as adaptation of new human abilities and capabilities ultimately helpful for modern technology; (5) development of a data base that ends up being increasingly vital in the evaluation of modern technology in regards to its broader social and environmental impacts; (6) data base that makes it possible for much more effective strategies of applied research study, advancement, and improvement of brand-new modern technologies.

The converse impact of modern technology on scientific research is of a minimum of equal value: (1) through giving an abundant resource of unique scientific concerns and thereby likewise aiding to validate the allowance of resources required to address these inquiries in a reliable and also prompt way, extending the agenda of scientific research; (2) as a resource of or else inaccessible instrumentation and also techniques required to resolve novel as well as more difficult scientific inquiries a lot more successfully.

Certain instances of each of these two-way interactions are reviewed. Because of many indirect in addition to straight connections in between scientific research and innovation, the study profile of potential social advantage is a lot broader as well as extra diverse than would certainly be recommended by looking just at the straight connections in between science and modern technology.